Christian Life Coaching with Dr. David Cox
Thursday, January 18, 2018



 Radio Broadcasts

Dr. David Cox was a guest on FamilyLife Today,™ which provides practical, biblical tools to address the issues affecting your family in a format that is conversational in nature. At the core of every program is motivation, encouragement, and help. Your host on the program is Dennis Rainey, who is joined by radio veteran Bob Lepine.

  •  FamilyLife   A Survivor's Look at Suicide (Day 1)


  •   Understanding the Suicidal Mind (Day 2 )


  •   The Survivors (Day 3 of 3)
Television Appearances
In December of 2006, Dr. Cox appeared on Helpline, an international program, broadcasting messages of love, hope and inspiration to over 1.2 BILLION homes worldwide.

Please follow the link below, and locate the video in the Helpline archives.

Helpline with Morris Cerullo- Episode #31 - Chapter 4
Date aired:December 23, 2006
Guests: Yvonne Pointer, Ken Medema, David Cox and Candy Arrington

If using Internet Explorer, press Control F11 to view video in a full window once the link is opened.  Firefox users will not be able to open into a full window.