Christian Life Coaching with Dr. David Cox
Saturday, July 02, 2022
Christian Life Coaching
Dr. David Cox
“Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.”
                                                            Proverbs 20:5
Christian Life Coaching is a pastoral ministry blending the heart of a Pastor and the professional knowledge of a full-time relationships expert. Many people’s problems are more complex than are normally dealt with by most pastors, and therefore, require the abilities of a Christian Minister specializing in problems such as marital crises, severe emotional problems, depression, parenting and financial problems.



 Some people feel they must turn to a psychiatrist or psychologist in order to receive qualified help in these areas. Christian Life Coaching seeks to fill the void between the schedule and training limitations of most pastors and the non-spiritual and clinical methods employed by many of today's professional counselors. Psychology is man's answers to man's problems. Christian Life Coaching is God's answers to man's problems.  Perhaps now more than ever, people are searching for God’s answers to their complex problems.



My theory of coaching is that the Bible contains a God-ordained, sufficient, and comprehensive system of principles, insights, goals, and appropriate methods for understanding and resolving the problems of people. Scripture provides a model for helping people that needs no supplement. God, the Expert on helping people, has given us teaching perspectives and methodologies that are wholly adequate for resolving personal difficulties and the problems of others. (2 Peter 1:3)



Dr. David W. Cox is not licensed by the State of South Carolina as a "licensed marital or family therapist,"  "licensed marriage and family therapist,"  "marital and family therapist." "marriage and family therapist,"  " marriage and family counselor,"  "licensed professional counselor,"  "professional counselor,"  or  "licensed counselor," nor does he hold himself out to the public or advertise himself to be any of the above.  
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